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Enterprise Linux

ConvertRedHatEnterpriseLinuxToCentOS - Convert Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) Server To CentOS (10-Apr-2009)
FTPSConfigVSFTPD - Configure VSFTPD For FTP/SSL (10-Jun-2010)
CentOS55iSCSI - iSCSI Storage on CentOS 5.5 (14-Feb-2011)
Skype22ForCentOS5 - Package, install Skype on CentOS 5 (06-Apr-2011)


CiscoASA5505CFRAM - Compact Flash Card, RAM for Cisco ASA5505 (07-Apr-2011)
UniFiControllerCentOS5 - Install Ubiquiti Networks UniFi Controller on CentOS 5 (12-May-2013)
UniFiControllerUpgrade - Upgrade Ubiquiti Networks UniFi Controller 2.3.9 to 2.4.5 (31-Aug-2013)
UniFiControllerCentOS6 - Install Ubiquiti Networks UniFi Controller on CentOS 6 (26-Dec-2017)


VMwareESX303RollupBundle - Installing Rollup Bundle for ESX Server 3.0.3 Update 1 (12-Mar-2010)
VMwareESX350Patches - Installing Patches for VMware ESX 3.5 Update 5 (17-Dec-2010)
VMwareESX410PatchRelease - Installing Patch Release ESX410-201010001 for VMware ESX 4.1 (02-Dec-2010)

VmwareESXToCiscoGEC - Connect ESX Host To Cisco Switch With Gigabit EtherChannel (11-Sep-2010)
VmwareESX41ToSmartUPS - Running APC UPS Daemon on ESX 4.1 Host (17-Nov-2010)
VMwareESX3ToUSBDisk - Transfer Virtual Machine Between VMware ESX 3 Hosts On a USB Drive (16-Dec-2010)

VMwareP2VColdClone - Physical to Virtual (P2V) Migrations - Windows Server 2003 (20-Sep-2010)
VmwareRemoteConsoleFx36 - VMware Remote Console on EL 4, EL 5 (14-Apr-2010)
VmwareServerInstallEL5 - VMware Server 2.0.2 Installation on CentOS 5, RHEL 5 (19-May-2010)